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    Caring, professional help for those struggling with alcohol or drugs... 

    If you or someone you know is caught in the cycle of drug or alcohol addiction, take the first step toward a different life by calling (701) 293-3384.


What is addiction therapy?


At First Step Recovery, we treat alcoholism and drug addiction as diseases. Like other chronic diseases, such as diabetes and some forms of heart disease, Substance Abuse Disorders have a well-defined and predictable course of development, as well as a common set of symptoms.

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Starting the process


We strive to make First Step feel safe and comfortable. We are here to help people get well. The process of recovery at First Step can begin with something as simple as a conversation so that the client can learn more about our treatment process.

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Our Location

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You are not your addiction


Even though drug and alcohol dependence can seem to consume a person’s entire life, the reality is that people are so much more than an addiction. In fact, many people get into trouble with chemical substance abuse because they’re trying to medicate something else in their lives such as depression, chronic pain, or a sleeping disorder.

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